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As everyone ate Hiashi told Naruto stories of Minato saving him as well as fighting with him.

"Yes your father was a great shinobi. I'll never forget what he did for me. Now then, let's go get those scrolls." Hiashi said as he stood up.

Naruto stood up and followed Hiashi down the hallway and to a metal door.

"I haven't opened this door since the last time your dad was here."


"Because nothing in this room, belongs to me." Hiashi wiped some dust off of the door and let Naruto read it.

"To: Naruto. From: Your dad,Minato." Naruto repeated as he looked over to door.

Hiashi opened the door and let Naruto walk in.

"Wow." Naruto said as he saw a huge library of scrolls.

"Made all of these?"

"He sure did. Now I'll let you start reading. Here start with these three." Hiashi said as he pulled out three scrolls, one red, one green, and one yellow.

"These scrolls hold the information of your father's most used jutsu. Each one is more advanced than the next. Red is first, then green, then yellow." Hiashi said as he placed the scrolls one by one on a near by desk.

"Good luck." Hiashi said as he walked out of the room.

"Alright, here I go. Shadow clone jutsu." Naruto said as he made 50 clones.

"Can you guys start reading while I check on Hinata?"

"Sure go for it!" They all replied.

"Great, jutsu read three scrolls each. Then practice the jutsus." Naruto said as he walked out.

His clones nodded as the went to grab scrolls. Soon after that Naruto found Hinata outside talking with her dad when Hinata saw him.

"Naruto, aren't you supposed to be reading?" Hinata asked.

"I have 50 clones reading at the moment. I figured it would go faster."

"Then why don't you just make 300 clones and have them read 100 scrolls each?"

"Great idea Hinata!" Naruto said as he ran back to the room.

A few minutes later Naruto walked back outside.

"There. It might take a while but I should only have three scrolls to read tomorrow."

"Why three?" Hinata asked.

"I told the clones not to read the scroll with my dad's most used jutsu."

"I see." Hinata and Hiashi said at the same time making Naruto laugh.

"Hiashi, is it ok if I take Hinata out for a walk."

"Yes go ahead." Hiashi nodded.

Naruto offered Hinata a hand before they walked to the park and talked trying to find out how Neji learned about Naruto's parents and bloodline. Then Naruto walked Hinata home before leaving to go back to his apartment letting his clones read over night, but Later that night Naruto's clones summoned him t Hinata's.

"What was that for?" Naruto asked as he stood up.

"Sorry, was trying a jutsu. But we're done so we also wanted to let you know." One clone said.

"Ok, thank you. You can release your selves now."

The room filled with smoke and the amount of knowledge alone with the fatigue built up by all the clones made Naruto drop to his knees. Naruto stood up and walked over to the desk in the middle of the room, grabbed the three scrolls (along with a scroll with the rasengan in it that the clones didn't touch), and sat against a wall. Just then Hinata walked with a pitcher of water.

"Oh, only one left. To bad I brought water for everyone."

"Thank you for watching my clones while they were reading."

"Naruto, it's you. I thought you went home."

"I did, one of my clones summoned me with a jutsu."

"Ooh,ok. Naruto, you look terrible." Hinata said as she as that Naruto was barely able to keep his eyes open.

"I'm fine Hinata. I'm just gonna read these scrolls and go home." Naruto said as he opened the first scroll.

Hinata walked over to him and took the scroll.

"Here, I'll read it to you." Hinata said as she sat between Naruto's legs.

"No, it's ok Hinata."


Hinata looked at Naruto giving him the "I'm not taking no for an answer" look.

"Ok, ok, ok." Naruto said nodding.

"Good, now let's start." Hinata said as she opened the scroll and laid it over their laps.

Within two minutes Naruto was pasted out and Hinata was laying on his chest, she had put the scrolls in a neat pile not to far away when Naruto fell a sleep. Hinata looked at Naruto from time to time to make sure that it was really Naruto. She even used her Byakugan a few times. But soon she fell asleep with her head resting in the center of Naruto's chest.

The next morning Hiashi woke up and went to check on Hinata but didn't find her in her room. Hiashi woke up Neji and Hanabi in a panic.

"Ok, we have to find Hinata...."

"She's right there." Neji interrupted and pointed to the open door behind Hiashi.

A bead of sweet went down Hiashi's forehead as he turned to see Hinata and Naruto pasted out.

"You can go back to bed." Hiashi said as he turned back to Neji and Hanabi.

Hiashi grabbed a blanket and walked into the room where Hinata and Naruto lay sleeping and covered them.

"Haha, kids." Hiashi said as he walked out of the room.
Wow, Naruto learns quick now.

Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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LOL I would recommend you to use more details and somehow the story seems speed up to me xD Try adding details Add Feeling to it!!! :D and everything will be ok :>
naruto060695 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Professional Writer
Yeah I may have rushed it a bit. I will take my time with the next one.
dxa18 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
okayy ;p
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